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01 March 2012 @ 09:27 pm
Warning: TL;DR post ahead. Read at your own risk. :)

I can't believe I'm actually posting here about the shit that's happening on Tumblr lately.

So, if anyone hasn't heard yet, Amatsuki has learned about Tumblr and about his personal photos, magazine scans, illustrations people made for him, and music being reposted by people there.
He also learned about the existence of the anon roleplay blog of him. I understand that it was shocking for the owner of that anon blog to suddenly receive a message from him asking for the deletion of that blog. I also understand that Amatsuki had his reasons to make such a request. I understand that the owner of the blog must have been frightened because of it and I feel for her since I've talked with her (or at least during roleplay) a lot as a fellow anon. I also understand that Amatsuki is not a pro, but only a normal person who happened to become famous because of his covers, and despite the fame and appearances he does still wishes for some privacy. What I don't understand is, WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH ALL THE HATE?!

Making assumptions such as him treating his fans as slaves, him having a shitty attitude, and whatever, is just stupid in my opinion. Now, before everyone goes "Why are you calling us stupid?" or "This is our opinion!" and such... Let me say this; I am posting my opinion on this matter basing on what I understand from the situation that occurred, not letting my emotions get in the way of logic. Now, you guys have said your opinions, nothing's wrong if I said mine, right?

The way I read the tweet, he wasn't being rude. At least he was formal about it and didn't even say the name of the site or of any user. What he said was true. None of the stuff we post or reblog on Tumblr are ours and we shouldn't even be posting them there in the first place; especially the copyrighted materials such as songs from their CDs, and magazine scans. Same goes for the photos they post on Twitter. What would you feel if you post a picture of yourself on Twitter or on Facebook and suddenly find out people had been spreading it all over the internet without you knowing? Well, I wouldn't be too happy about it. I'm sure he's flattered that his fans appreciate him that much and even share to others about him. But seeing his photos everywhere is a different issue. Come on guys, he's not a debuted artist. He's still a normal person just like all of us, just like his fans. It's true that he's famous, got fans, appears on magazines, performs on lives, and participates in CDs... but that doesn't mean he's okay with his photos going around on the internet. Asking people to stop posting his pictures elsewhere doesn't make him less of a person that should earn him hatred from others.

The NND utaite are not idols. No matter how much they appear on the media or how much they post their pictures on their online accounts, they would still prefer to keep some things to themselves or to their fans who follow them on the usual sites they share those stuff in.

I'm guilty of reposting their stuff on Tumblr and I'm not going to deny that. But despite all that, I'm now more aware that what I've been doing was wrong, and I'd be willing to remove all the stuff I've posted and reblogged if he or any utaite would ask me to. My respect for them would not falter. Because I know their reasons and understand it. Not posting their photos or their music wouldn't make me less of a fan, to be honest.

I'm not pointing fingers at anyone. I'm not going to say that everyone who posts utaite stuff on Tumblr or anyone who owns an utaite anon blog (they're good people and I'm glad to have been friends with them) is bad or anything. I won't even tell them to stop what they're doing just because I said I realized that I've been doing wrong things. I respect everyone's opinions, actions and decisions. I just hope people would also try to understand Amatsuki's reason for making such a request. I may not know him personally but I've been following him for a long while and I could say that he has a great personality and wouldn't talk bad towards his fans. I don't think he deserves being badmouthed by people. I don't think anyone does.

I'm sorry if this post offended anyone in any way. I just couldn't stand all the hate I'm seeing lately. It's only a matter of time that not only Amatsuki would learn about the utaite posts on Tumblr. What if another utaite would make the same request? Would everyone hate them too? Would everyone start losing their respect towards them too? What if this happened but it wasn't Amatsuki who made the request? Would you guys still say the same things?

I made this post in hopes that people would at least understand his side, even for just a bit, and not to argue or start a fight with anyone.

P.S.: I'm not entirely sure that I've written everything I want to point out in this post, but I hope you guys understand what I'm trying to get at. I admit, I wrote this post with heavy feelings. ....even though I said I always try to speak out using logic and not with emotions on the frontline. orz So, sorry.
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